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Wisconsin RX Fire Insurance


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Wisconsin RX Fire Insurance

Wisconsin hazard reduction burning is a cost-effective and efficient tool utilized by land management professionals of all kinds and has a wide variety of potential benefits, including habitat restoration and lessening the intensity of future wildfires. It also has a storied place in Wisconsin’s history, with many of the Native American tribes once using it as a way of environmental management, once helping ensure the health of Wisconsin’s oak and pine barrens, oak savannas, and prairies. While much of Wisconsin has been converted to farmland – about 14.2 million acres! – controlled burns removes debris and allows for stronger seed to soil contact, leading to higher quality forage for livestock in the following growth season.


Our RX Fire services

Prescribed Fire Coverage for:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Defense Costs

Fire Suppression Expenses


Smoke-related Incidents

Professional Liability (E&O)


Wisconsin Prescribed Burn Insurance

Between its efficiency and low-cost, Wisconsin hazard reduction burning is a powerful tool in qualified hands. And, while it’s typically quite safe, professionals know nature and fire can be unpredictable. Forest Specialty offers Wisconsin RX fire insurance to help you and your business prepare for the unexpected without compromising on your business operations and goals. Significant injury or damage claims can potentially harm company assets or, in the case of sole proprietorships or partnerships, even your personal assets. With Wisconsin controlled burn insurance, however, you and your business will be safeguarded from financial harm. Reach out to Forest Specialty and explore the Wisconsin prescribed burn insurance options we have available.

Wisconsin Controlled Burn Insurance

A Wisconsin backfire insurance plan from Forest Specialty provides you with coverage from third party bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury, and property damage claims. You’ll also enjoy coverage for hazards specific to prescribed fire – including fire suppression expenses, pollution, and smoke-related incidents – and for professional liability (E&O). Forest Specialty offers you the opportunity to further customize your Wisconsin swilling insurance to extend coverage to other business operations, so if you partake in herbicide applications, mechanical brush clearing, or grassland restoration coverage may be provided for these activities as well. If you have other business operations that you would like to know if your Wisconsin burn-off insurance can be modified to provide coverage for, please reach out to a Forest Specialty agent to discuss your options. If a claim is brought against you, we’ll handle the heavy lifting by putting you in contact with expert claims professionals and attorneys to manage your defense, and your Wisconsin prescribed burn insurance will cover the defense costs.


The Forest Specialty Advantage

Professionally qualified

We have the expertise to identify, evaluate and underwrite prescribed fire exposures.

At your service

Our “client comes first” philosophy is the cornerstone of our success. We serve our customers with trust, integrity and a close attention to detail.

Unbeatable value

We always give customers their money’s worth!


Wisconsin Hazard Reduction Burning

Wisconsin RX fire insurance is designed with prescribed fire professionals in mind – from private landowners to independent contractors to landscape contractors or engineers. Employers and contractors alike will appreciate the additional security offered by Wisconsin prescribed burn insurance, which helps protect their business from financial harm without sacrificing their ability to use this powerful land management tool. No matter how Wisconsin hazard reduction burning fits into your land management plans, first ensure that your company has the security of a Wisconsin controlled burn insurance plan.


Get a quote or call for expert advice

Wisconsin Backfire Insurance

Forest Specialty is proud to leverage our 15 years of experience in the market to provide you with high quality Wisconsin backfire insurance. Our “client comes first” attitude ensures that you’re treated to expert, trustworthy service every time you reach out to our agents. Wisconsin swilling insurance will help protect your business when it needs it most and will cover the defense costs incurred from claims brought against you, in addition to helping you get in touch with skilled claims professionals and attorneys to manage your defense. Your Wisconsin backfire insurance may cover other business operations you have alongside prescribed fire – just reach out to a Forest Specialty agent to discuss your needs.

Wisconsin Burn-Off Insurance

If you’d like a quote for a Wisconsin burn-off insurance policy from Forest Specialty, fill out our non-binding application and you’ll receive a return quote in approximately three to five days of submission. For any questions you have regarding the details of our Wisconsin RX fire insurance or whether you are a qualified applicant, please fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (877) 295-8086 to chat with our agents. See how Wisconsin controlled burn insurance can help you achieve your business goals by reaching out to Forest Specialty today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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