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North Carolina RX Fire Insurance


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North Carolina RX Fire Insurance

Land management professionals of all kinds make use of North Carolina hazard reduction burning for its cost-effective nature and long list of benefits, which include lessening the intensity of future wildfires and promoting a healthier growth season. Because North Carolina has forests covering over 57% of its landmass, it is home to a greater degree of land between human development overlaps with wildland or forest. This area, when subject to both wildfire and North Carolina hazard reduction burning, is a crucial area to maintain control of because of its frontline exposure to both smoke and fire. North Carolina hazard reduction burning helps maintain this region, clearing out pest and disease reservoirs while also promoting the health of North Carolina’s many fire-adapted species like the red-cockaded woodpecker and gopher frog.


Our RX Fire services

Prescribed Fire Coverage for:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Defense Costs

Fire Suppression Expenses


Smoke-related Incidents

Professional Liability (E&O)


North Carolina Prescribed Burn Insurance

However, even the most veteran professionals understand that working with prescribed fire comes with an inherent unpredictability – spontaneous weather events like wind can disrupt even the most thorough fire plans. Forest Specialty offers North Carolina controlled burn insurance to help you and your business meet this challenge, ensuring that you can continue to make use of this powerful tool without worrying about the security of company assets and personal assets (in the case of sole proprietorships or partnerships) in case claims of significant injury or damage are levied against you. North Carolina prescribed burn insurance is designed for all manner of prescribed fire professionals and, with 15 years of experience in the market, is tailored to the unique challenges associated with the use of prescribed fire.

North Carolina Controlled Burn Insurance

As part of your North Carolina backfire insurance plan, you’ll enjoy coverage for third party property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury claims, and professional liability (E&O). Hazards and risks unique to the use of prescribed fire – such as smoke-related incidents, pollution, and fire suppression expenses – also enjoy coverage by the North Carolina swilling insurance we offer. In addition, if you have other business operations (such as herbicide applications, mechanical brush clearing, or grassland restoration), your North Carolina burn-off insurance may be customized to provide coverage. Connect with a Forest Specialty agent to explore the options available to you when it comes to tailoring your North Carolina controlled burn insurance to your unique needs. If a claim is brought against you, Forest Specialty will connect you with skilled claims professionals and attorneys to manage your defense, and your North Carolina RX fire insurance will cover the defense costs.


The Forest Specialty Advantage

Professionally qualified

We have the expertise to identify, evaluate and underwrite prescribed fire exposures.

At your service

Our “client comes first” philosophy is the cornerstone of our success. We serve our customers with trust, integrity and a close attention to detail.

Unbeatable value

We always give customers their money’s worth!


North Carolina Hazard Reduction Burning

Whether you’re an environmental consultant, independent contractor, or private landowner -- North Carolina burn-off insurance is designed to help you make the most of this powerful land management tool without risking company assets. Employers appreciate the additional security contractors backed by North Carolina swilling insurance offers, and can further protect themselves by investing in their own North Carolina prescribed burn insurance to provide coverage for third party damage or injury that might result from their employees’ activities. Before you implement your burn plan, ensure that your business is protected by North Carolina backfire insurance.


Get a quote or call for expert advice

North Carolina Backfire Insurance

Our “client comes first” attitude means that you’ll receive expert service and support each and every time you reach out to a Forest Specialty agent. By connecting you with expert claims professionals and attorneys who will manage your defense as well as paying for defense costs incurred, your North Carolina prescribed burn insurance makes the prospect of handling claims straightforward. Furthermore, you can be confident that your North Carolina backfire insurance is the right fit for your business by discussing further coverage options with a Forest Specialty agent.

North Carolina Burn-Off Insurance

If you’d like to receive a free quote, please fill out our non-binding application and we’ll usually get back to you within three to five days of application submission. For questions regarding applicant qualifications and North Carolina RX fire insurance options available, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (877) 295-8086 to connect with an agent. North Carolina burn-off insurance ensures that you’re able to conduct the business operations that you feel best without shouldering the risk of harm to your company, just reach out to Forest Specialty to explore your options. We look forward to assisting you.

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